I See Opportunities

by Ammar Abulohom, CEO Dar Al Aqar|December 12, 2020

In my field of expertise in real estate my role is to identify exceptional deals for my clients. Whether the property industry is going through good times or bad times, there are always opportunities out there for me to find.

Remaining positive and determined are the keys that keep me going and seeking those opportunities.

What I have learned the most is that we get carried away with negative sentiment during the worst times and miss out on greater chances that come along. Instead, we should be ready and brave to take the right decisions and not succumb to the negativity.

I always advise clients to buy or invest during these times. Some don't feel encouraged to do so, but those who do always make out better.

This applies to many other investment fields and careers and I am sure you have heard this before, but the question you need to ask yourself is if have you actually been in those situations and tried overcoming the fear, peer pressure or even media surrounding you? If you answer yes, you will likely come out with an opportunity.

I See Opportunity, Do You See Yours?




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